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1st workshop on safety in lifts PDF Print E-mail

Panhellenic Union of Lifts
and Escalators Technology - P.E.T.A.K
Member of the European Lift Association (E.L.A.)

Athens, April 25th 2013


The safety of the elevators should be a priority - Urgent the drafting of a new CMD which will make mandatory at least the issues impacting dramatically on safety - essential information and sensitization of the conclusions of the first workshop of the Panhellenic Union of Lifts and Escalators Technology (P. E.T.A.K) focused on security in the lifts.

H Europe Lift was established in Greece in 1980.

To date has installed many lifts, wide variety of forms, types, needs, location, etc., always close to the needs and desires of the client, seeking the best possible cooperation for the successful and satisfactory completion of this project.

The Europe Lift, thanks to the continuous updating through international exhibitions and seminars, watching the constant flow of market development and technology meet the ever increasing demands of the space.

With experience and expertise in all these years, operates continuously providing complete solutions for even the most demanding projects for the installation and maintenance of lifts, hoists, escalators, corridors and conveyors.

With the technical, scientific and administrative staff consisting of qualified technicians, conservators, engineers, electricians and office staff, in cooperation with recognized government bodies and manages to remain worthy of the pioneers of the industry.

Our facilities

The facilities of Europe Lift, consisting of consumable materials warehouse in 3 areas of Attica and central offices with showroom in the city center on the road rd September 156 and Ithaca, provide more direct and better serve our clients.

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